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Dr. Aswin Krishna

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ABOUT Dr. Aswin Krishna

Dr. Aswin Krishna, MBBS, MD (GEN MED), DM (HEPATOLOGY) is the consultant of Hepatology and the liver transplant specialist. He is the top hepatologist and leading liver transplant specialist in Tamil Nadu.

Welcome to our Liver Care Center! We are a team of passionate experts dedicated to preventing and treating liver diseases, including liver cancer, alcohol-related liver disease, and more. Our mission is to help individuals maintain healthy livers and enhance liver function through various approaches, such as nutrition and physiotherapy.

We also offer a specialized de-addiction program to support those struggling with alcohol dependence. Our goal is to provide comprehensive medical therapy that can potentially avoid the need for liver transplants. With our organized and conducted transplant program, we ensure the best care for those who require a liver transplant. At our center, we prioritize your liver health and are committed to making a positive impact on your well-being.

Our Liver Care Center is distinguished by its organized and executed transplant program, ensuring the highest standard of care for individuals necessitating liver transplants. We prioritize your liver health, and our commitment extends beyond treatment to making a positive impact on your overall well-being.

With Dr. Aswin Krishna at the helm and our dedicated team by your side, trust us to navigate your liver health journey with expertise, compassion, and a commitment to excellence. Welcome to a center where your liver’s well-being is our foremost priority.


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Welcome to the future of healthcare with Dr. Aswin Krishna’s exclusive online doctor consultation services at Apollo Hospital! Experience the convenience of expert medical advice from the comfort of your home. Dr. Aswin Krishna, a renowned specialist in Liver Transplant, is now available for virtual consultations to provide personalized care tailored to your unique health needs.

At Apollo Hospital, we believe in leveraging technology to enhance patient care. With Dr. Aswin Krishna’s online consultations, you can expect the same level of commitment to excellence, now delivered in a more accessible and flexible manner.


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The cost of a liver transplant can vary depending on the hospital and the patient’s individual circumstances, such as their overall health and insurance coverage. However, on an average, the incurred for performing the procedure of a liver transplant in Chennai can range from approximately Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 35 lakhs.

Not everyone is a candidate for a liver transplant in Chennai. Patients with active cancer or severe heart or lung disease may be excluded, as well as those with active drug or alcohol abuse, severe infections, or poor overall health. Ultimately, the decision to perform a liver transplant is made on a case-by-case basis by medical professionals.

Life after a liver transplant in Chennai can be significantly improved for patients who previously suffered from liver failure. However, it can also present new challenges, such as the need for lifelong medication, regular follow-up appointments, and the risk of rejection. With proper care and monitoring, many patients are able to return to their daily activities and live full, healthy lives.

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